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How to calm yourself in stressful situations?

1. Experiment with your senses

The 3-3 exercise can be useful in periods of moderate to severe anxiety. Take a look at three of your senses and write down three things you observe about them. Name three things you're seeing, smelling, tasting, experiencing, or hearing, in other words. This can assist in interrupting the anxiety-inducing automatic catastrophic thinking.

2. Let go of the critic

Not only is anxiety awful enough, but we are frequently bombarded with self-critical thoughts as well. Simple question: Do the judgments make you feel more or less anxious? More is usually always the answer. If you catch yourself being self-critical, try going into your heart and saying, "May I learn to be kinder to myself."

3. Use your anxious energy to help others.

Anxiety isn't always a terrible thing. Anxiety, like most mental illnesses, is a continuum. It might be stress or courage building up if you're feeling a lot of worried energy. If your worry isn't too severe, you can use it to accomplish something useful. If you're anxiously awaiting news, for example, get moving by going for a brisk walk, cleaning, organizing, or gardening.

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25 jul. 2021

A really helpful piece.

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