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Dawn FM : A Genre Defining Album

The global mega pop-star who goes by the stage name "The Weeknd" or Abel Tesfaye has just recently released an album. The album titled "Dawn Fm" released on the 7th of January 2022. Weeknd's album was released rather suddenly after sharing a series of cryptic messages from his Instagram account, The Weeknd announced that the album will be coming just a few days after. The Album has a total of 16 songs which runs on to somewhere between 51 and 52 minutes when added up.

This time around, The Weeknd has collaborated with Jim Carrey, a highly regarded Hollywood Star, Jim is being projected as this 'mystical yet unknowing' Radio/Disc Jockey of a fictional but highly conceptualized radio station aptly named '103.5 Dawn FM', Jim also has a poetic single called 'Phantom Regret by Jim', along with other collaboration from 'Quincy Jones', 'Tyler, the creator' and 'Lil. Wayne'.

If I were to sum up this album in one passage, this is how it would pan out :

Simply mesmerizing, Abel (The Weeknd) can just take you to a different universe through his music via your headphones, it just feels right, it feels like you have been there before. Through this album, Abel has tried to explore various themes: synth pop, R&B, city pop, pop, disco pop, electro pop.

Hands down, one of the best artists of the 21st century, the sheer ability he has to outdo himself every time is just phenomenal. Huge respect for such a self-made man, who arose from poverty and has gone on to become the greatest performer, singer, songwriter of our generation. Dawn FM is just another one of his brilliant albums, he has this uniquely remarkable skill to write extremely captivating songs. Currently I am playing it on loop, the cinematic universes he crafts are nonparallel and this new 'radio themed-discotheque-pop-retro-synth' thing is just doing wonders for him, he'll surely reach No. 1 on billboard rankings in no time. The Weeknd has just mastered the art of creating beautifully produced songs that make you dance and move around, the beats, his vocals and the synth pop theme is simply not something someone can easily ignore. His ability to construct such delicate stories around his music is fascinating, listening to his songs with your eyes closed can make you imagine the universe he is trying to present.

Just weeks in and The Weeknd has already started breaking his own records, Dawn FM has garnered 250 million + streams in less than a weak, this only goes to show the amount of popularity he has and the magnitude of his fame. We might even see him finally winning a Grammy this year 😉.

Rating : 📀📀📀📀📀 5/5

( Unambiguously Perfect )

Favorite Tracks: Basically the entire album.

Non-Favorite Tracks: Basically Non-Existent

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