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What is 'Clear Ideas Only'?

Hey There, We are the team of 'Clear Ideas Only'.

Here at Clear Ideas Only, we believe in sharing ideas one blog at a time, each blog is an intuitive experience in itself, we believe in climbing the crests of knowledge, jumping from its troughs, submerging ourselves in its core, absorbing every droplet present in this vast ocean called 'Knowledge', here we strive for knowledge and try to promote learning, here we believe in freeing knowledge from the shackles of books and boring and dull encyclopedias, here we believe in education, not the education we get from our schools and we are familiar with, but the education which sets us free and lets us be who we are and which lets us seek our true motive in life, knowledge served in such a manner that its edible for the masses.

Truth is our only motive, and that is what gets us going everyday, bringing new ideas out to everyone, spreading knowledge, increasing awareness, breaking barriers and making them as and where it is necessary, these are ideas that will liberate you, those that will free you from the bondage of your ideologies, prejudices and preconceived notions, ideas that force you to perceive those shades of grey trapped and gasping for air somewhere between the oppressive and monotonous black & white, ideas that are CLEAR, free of all BIASES, ideas that are precise, well thought-out and to the point.

So join us on this journey to discover new ideas and grow together. New Blogs Every Week.

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