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Some Common Misconceptions about Humanities & Why you should not care about them

Most of the popular arguments put forth against Humanities are utter garbage with no evidence to back it up, today we will discuss 5 such misconceptions and prove how ignorant and foolish they are. As a Humanities student myself, I have heard my fair share of nonsense from people who had no idea what they were talking about, so here's how you can prove them wrong and make your own decisions independently with no guilt or shame.

Some Common Misconceptions about Humanities:

1) It's only for weak and incompetent students – utter garbage and the people saying this to you are human garbage and belong in the dustbin, don’t listen to their nonsense, consider positive criticism, but don’t fall prey to their false socially conditioned ideology.

2) Humanities has no scope in the sense of employability – utter garbage once again, thousands of people have made success in this field and have made fruitful careers out of it, from authors, historians, psychologists, psephologists to sociologists, economists, and lawyers.

3) Humanities is easy – utter garbage strikes again, don’t believe this third-rate logical fallacy, humanities are as demanding as other subjects, scoring in it is equally hard and effort-taking, you’ll have to study no matter what subject you choose.

4) Humanities doesn’t have social respect- the only people saying this are the ones who flunked their history exams, and are on a mission of revenge, don’t care about them, they will disappear in a month anyways.

5) You won’t get a girl if you choose Humanities – classic emotional blackmailing at its peak, the people who say this kind of stuff aren’t able to get girls themselves, so no need to worry, and if any girl chooses guys on the basis of the subjects he chose, you probably shouldn’t care about her anyway.

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