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PR vs Social Media, Which is best for a Start-up?

All start-ups face the problem of achieving success in numerous sectors at the same time. Most start-ups don't have large advertising budgets or well-known investors. Even those who do have begun to concentrate their marketing efforts on high-return avenues. This is where low-cost, high-impact marketing techniques like public relations and social media come into play.

While social media provides an interactive marketing platform, public relations provides an avenue for information to be disseminated through a credible media outlet. Though they both operate to control a brand's image and messaging, they both have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

In fact, social media has allowed PR to reach a considerably wider audience than before. Previously, PR was directed at certain persons such as investors and business partners, but thanks to social media, this target group has grown to include everyone who is important to a company's success.

When conducting research or a survey on a target population, platforms like Twitter and Facebook are also valuable. Often, you'll be able to spot a pattern in consumer preferences that will assist you in accurately frame your marketing efforts. Sharing the research reports with journalists and posting them on social media can help them get more attention and brand mentions.

Furthermore, social media has not only offered a platform for sharing breaking news, but it has also spawned a new breed of citizen journalists: the influencer. From a beauty vlogger with 3.7 million YouTube subscribers to a travel blogger with 175k Instagram followers Influencers are widely regarded as one of the most effective strategies to attract new clients to a business.

Consider the fact that 71% of consumers think they are more likely to buy something after seeing it on social media. Isn't it powerful? These high-follower-count social media influencers could signify enormous potential for PR professionals and the brands they represent now more than ever.

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