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Karl Rock - What's all this fuss about?

Karl Rock, a New Zealand-born vlogger working in India, said that the Indian government had blacklisted him on Friday (July 9). Karl Rock is a tourist who moved to India to experience the nation two years ago and married an Indian woman.

Karl Rock claimed in a video that after spending time in Dubai and Pakistan, he discovered that his Indian visa had been revoked. He claimed that when he returned to Dubai to renew his visa, he was informed that he had been blacklisted by the Indian authorities.

Initially, it was thought that controversial New Zealand-based Youtuber Karl Rock had been blacklisted because of his support for anti-India movements, such as anti-CAA protests.

Karl Rock broke the visa rules by producing "Indian Survival Guided," a book that is not permitted on a tourist visa.

According to our sources, the Indian government gave him another tourist visa for a period of five years, from 2018 to 2023. Karl Rock broke his visit restrictions yet again during his journey to India, visiting restricted regions that are not open to visitors, especially those on a tourist visa.

In addition, officials from the Home Ministry have taken into account Karl Rock's prior visa infractions, including a report with Zee News dubbed "Atulya Bharat" that exposed scammers in New Delhi's Connaught Place. Foreigners cannot engage in journalism or other media activities without permission from the Indian government, according to tourist visa policy.

He had even travelled to Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. He shared many films from his excursion to the "other side of Kashmir" in January and February of this year. While he is a traveller with the right to pursue his interests, his visit to PoK raises suspicions because even his visits to Pakistani cities were previously monitored.

It's unclear whether he was being watched by the ISI or not. It's worth noting, too, that while Pakistani intelligence was concerned about his travel to Peshawar, he was free to roam about in PoK, another critical location.

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Shwetabh Saurabh
Shwetabh Saurabh
12 jul 2021

Anything that works towards an attempt to disintegrate India is lapped up by green-eyed, short-visioned wokes (read Lutyens' journalists), who think they are brimming with intellect but, in fact, they are only exposing their abominable intentions

Me gusta
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