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For if you do, you'll fail surely

And if you get it done somehow

The emptiness shall come

Not knowing what to do next

So let it be

Sit down and just look

Someday you might actually see

For all we know

Nothing will ever change

It was never meant to change

We weren't meant to be born

Like that fever, no one asked for it

And yet here we are

Life is much the same

Things happen for no reason

For reasons are nothing,

But our way of making sense

Of this inexplicable madness

We live to earn

We earn to live

I ponder, I think

Will we ever learn to give?

Or to forgive?

Yet we think of a bigger purpose

When there clearly isn't any

We drive to reach

We reach to return

What's it all for, you may ask?

Well for all I know

To live freely

Without a mask

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