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Corona is causing some serious damage to our mental health, here's what we can do about it

As the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic begins, new rapid variants have increased infections and increased lock-downs in many countries. It has had a marked impact on the human mental health due to the destruction of the pandemic – million of deaths, economic struggle and unprecedented restrictions in social interaction. The causes and impacts of these stresses are investigated by researchers worldwide, and some fear that the mental health deterioration may continue long since the pandemic has subsided. In the end scientists hope they can link the effects of particular control measures to change in the population by using the mountains of information collected in mental health studies.

Scientists who have conducted extensive international studies say that they may eventually show how particular COVID control measures — such as lock-up or social interaction restrictions — reduce or exacerbate mental health stress, and whether specific policies have disproportionately affected some populations, such as minority ethnic groups. This could help inform the response to this and future pandemic, scientists say.

Overall the mental health cases being reported and diagnosed during corona times have increased significantly as compared to normal life that existed before 2020 which seems archaic in today's times, sitting at home all day, with almost zero physical social interactions have concluded to prove disastrous, especially for children, who are missing the golden days of their life locked up in rooms in front of a screen, even domestic violence cases have increased tremendously, the only light at the end of this unforgivingly long tunnel can be reached if we continue to stay within our homes until vaccination has reached every single person and hope that one day our children will be able to play freely in parks again.

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