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Children are the ones who are suffering the most due to lockdown and here's why

Experts say that with the second wave of COVID-19, children are developing psychological problems as a result of increasing screen time, lack of social engagement, and decreased interaction with parents who don't have time for them despite working from home.

Dr. Meena J, a pediatrician, noted that toddlers aged two to three have developmental delays, and that anxiety and behavioural disorders are common in older children.

"Typically, children begin speaking around the age of two to three years, but we are noticing speech delays." They have learned an activity but have yet to put it into practice. Some children, for example, are toilet trained yet wet their beds or do not inform their parents when they are wet.

She claims that youngsters who are neither young nor teenagers are experiencing learning problems, throwing tantrums, becoming apprehensive of social situations, and becoming hostile. "Some of them have developed social phobia and stranger anxiety," she said, according to PTI. "Children who come for treatment are afraid to engage with us," she added.

According to specialists, the lockdown enforced as a result of the second COVID wave, its severity, and the fear of infection has slowed children's growth.

Everyone, including parents and children, is on a short fuse as a result of the protracted lockdown, according to Senior Pediatric Consultant Dr Nameet Jerath.

Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, a Moolchand Hospital Child Psychology and Psychiatrist, said he sees two to three such cases every day, and that teenagers, in particular, are having a difficult time.

"They had never been so cut off from school, their friends, and their inner groups. These channels aided them in developing a sense of self. Regrettably, they are now delusional about their own identity "According to PTI, he stated.

Due to the devastation of the second wave, media coverage of it, and the constant worry instilled by parents, children who were confident by nature have become insecure persons.

"In any case, teenagers have conflicts with their parents. However, now that everyone is remaining at home, the problems are becoming more serious. Body image concerns are also surfacing, and when parents bring it up, their children tell them not to body shame them "According to PTI, he stated.

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