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20,000 employees will be able to work from home indefinitely in this UK company!

Companies all across the world have adapted to the new requirements and customs of working completely in the online realm over the course of the Covid-19 epidemic, to the point where some have rolled out permanent work from home for their staff, even after the pandemic.

Deloitte, the auditing and consulting firm, has announced that 20,000 of its UK workers will be able to work from home on a permanent basis, giving them the freedom to choose "when," "where," and "how" they want to work in the future. This means that Deloitte UK staff will be able to continue working from home long after the pandemic has passed.

The Big Four company Deloitte has opted to give flexible working alternatives to 20,000 employees in the UK due to the excellent and good results created by remote working even during the epidemic.

While this isn't the first time the company has offered flexible working options to its employees, it did so even before the pandemic, Deloitte UK's Senior Partner and Chief Executive Richard Houston has stated that the firm's plans for an "office-focused approach" will be abandoned even after the pandemic.

Employees will be given the option of choosing how many days they want to come to work, if at all.

Furthermore, the remaining Big Four accounting companies, KPMG, PwC, and EY, believe that once the pandemic has passed, employees should return to work for at least three days each week.

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