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This Electric Bike sells like Hot Cake! Bookings for the Rs 90,000 E-Bike have been halted

Since its introduction, the RV400 has become a popular choice in the electric two-wheeler segment. A best-in-class range, top speed of 85 kmph, and internet-connected smart features are among the primary product's USPs.

Sales are high even when the bike is priced at a premium. The price of the same has been lowered in Delhi, with the higher FAME-II subsidy and extra incentives granted by the Delhi government, and has gone down to under Rs 1 lakh.

Following the launch of bookings with the decreased cost, all available apartments were sold out in just two hours.

Because the delivery timeframe could have extended beyond this year, Revolt was compelled to temporarily halt bookings.

During the flash sale, the company revealed that it had made a Rs 50 crore profit. The corporation, on the other hand, hasn't revealed the exact amount of reservations. It is currently available in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

As petrol/diesel costs rise, an increasing number of people are interested in switching to electric two-wheelers. Due to heightened demand in May of this year, new bookings were put on hold. To satisfy the demand, the company has increased production. This will lead to a shorter time gap between the time of booking and the time of delivery.

A mutiny is brewing over the company's plans to expand its operations to 35 locations in the near future. The RV400 is equipped with a 72V lithium-ion battery and a 3.24 kWh battery, delivering a motor output of 3 kW.

The Revolt RV400 bundles come with a variety of connectivity choices. Geo-fencing, bike locator, battery charge status, driving history, and statistics, automatic cycling, battery diagnostic and replacement, and station locator are some of these features.

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