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T20 World Cup Victory and What It Means

It's not just a world cup win, no my dear friend. This is something indelible, this is something historic, this is something magical. This is going to engrave the date 29th of June in our minds for the rest of our lives, erase and heal the scars of 19th November, help us become an even better team and win even more trophies with the momentum this has generated. It's going to create a milestone for us, it's a placeholder and it’s an epoch defining phenomenon. It's going to inspire millions of kids across the world to pick up the ball after seeing Bumrah's sensational juicy out-swinger to dismiss Hendricks, or to pick up the bat looking at Kohli's glorious leg glance against Marco Jansen, or seeing Surya Kumar Yadav treading the boundary rope with millimeters to spare but never letting go of that white kookaburra ball.


Naysayers, pessimists and India haters will obviously try everything in their power to belittle this mammoth achievement. They'll say stuff like "what will you get if India wins?" Or something as horrendous as "the entire match was fixed". Such decadent retards must be left alone. What matters are the memories our team has etched in our minds forever, almost like a tattoo. It's almost metaphysical, that feeling, you and I get, seeing Pandya and Rohit cry, Virat draping himself with our prided Tiranga or to see someone as calm as Dravid, screaming and shouting at the top of his lungs. These are moments of pure joy, ecstasy and self-transcendence.


These are the kind of things you go through in your last moments, on your deathbed, when that retrospective kaleidoscope starts spinning in your mind; this is going to be a frame in that movie. These are the stories you end up telling your children when you introduce them to this hauntingly beautiful sport named Cricket. So the next time someone asks you what did you get from India winning the world cup, share this short article with them. Ask them what football does for them, or whichever sport they follow. It's for these very moments that we fell in love with this game. Jai Hind. Bharat Mata ki Jai.


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