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4 Day work week going to be a new norm?!

PwC India, a multinational consulting business, has urged its staff to take Friday off, making it a three-day weekend.

This Friday has been dubbed ‘Pens down Day' by PwC India; Pen Down is a famous term in labor unions where people come to work but do not do any work; nonetheless, PwC has asked employees to take a break from their regular office tasks.

Due to coronavirus pandemic burnout, Google announced a company-wide holiday on Friday, offering staff a break from office labor. PwC India used social media to spread the word.

“We hope the clear three-day weekend will offer you the time to rest and spend time with your loved ones, on things you were unable to focus on, or simply in any way you'd like to unplug,” the firm wrote in an email to its staff.

However, it is a fallacy that Indian IT companies and multinational corporations labor 40 hours each week. Many employees in India work for more than 40 hours per week, which makes work from home extremely taxing.

• Many executives took wage cuts of up to 25% this year due to the impact of Covid-19, according to PwC India salary hikes and promotions.

• PwC India has deferred salary increases, increments, promotions, and bonus awards for the current year.

• For FY20, PwC workers got Performance Appraisal ratings.

• On October 1, 2020, PwC India will release the promotions, salary hikes, and other compensation details, including the performance bonus payout.

Stay tuned for more details!


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