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Failed CAT 3 times, now makes 3 Crore by selling 'Tea'

Prafull Billore, a middle-class man who was ambitious, diligent, and desired to pursue his master's degree at IIM Ahmedabad, is the protagonist of this story. He studied for ten hours a day in order to attain his goal, but he was unable to pass the CAT exam. He took the CAT exam three times and failed each time. Despite his parents' support, he was broken by his inability to succeed, and he was depressed for a time.

He wandered around the city for consolation during his misery and located a place in Ahmedabad that felt like a second home to him. He had no idea what to do next, having been labeled as a failure and depressed. So he started working at McDonald's to make ends meet. He started out as a housekeeper but was quickly promoted to kitchen staff, where he took orders and served clients.

He always wanted to establish his own personality, even though he worked for a well-known company. It was always in the back of his mind to start his own company. Initially, he intended to open a cafe, but that would have cost him INR 15 lakhs. He abandoned the scheme because he lacked the necessary funds.

He borrowed Rs 8,000 from his father and opened a roadside tea stall called MBA Chaiwala within three months. He made a transaction of Rs 150 on the first day and hasn't looked back since as his business has taken off.

He's tried a lot of different ideas, like selling tea at political rallies and named the tea after the parties' programs, and by FY 2019-20, his revenue had surpassed Rs 3 crore.

Praful's business approach drew media attention and an invitation to speak to students at IIM Ahmedabad, where he had once wished to study.

Prafull now owns a 300-square-foot eatery called MBA Chai Wala, where he employs 20 people. He had a revenue of Rs 3 crore in the financial year 2019-20. He says, "My ambition is to sell tea all over India and have every Indian drink my tea."

MBA Chaiwala was so well-known that IIM Ahmedabad invited Prafull Billore to speak at one of their events about how to achieve greatness via enthusiasm. The irony was that he wanted to pursue his MBA studies at IIM Ahmedabad in the early days but failed, so he founded his own company and was now invited to give a speech.

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Jul 09, 2021

Its a very Inspiring article!

I would say each and every one to read this..

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